Ornamental Grasses: The Life and Personality of Every Garden

If you want something that is going to last in your garden the entire year, you should consider ornamental grasses. They provide an array of sizes, texture, and color to your garden. Ornamental grasses can be the focal point of your gardens, or you can use them simply for screening and privacy. They can be mixed in with plants and shrubs with dramatic results.

You will want to plant the small grasses around the borders of your flower beds. These provide a wispy touch to the usual straight lines of flower beds, and gives them a softer look. If you are planting your grasses on a bank, or ditch, you may want to layer them. You would plant the taller ornamental grasses behind the shorter grasses. This will give this normally drab area a feeling of depth and personality.

Larger, taller grasses that grow 5-6 feet tall can be used as privacy screens, as well as shade producers. When you plant them, be sure to space them evenly and with adequate distance between them to allow for growth as the grasses mature. These tall ornamental grasses will dance in the breeze and add a touch of life to your garden. No flower garden should be without a few tall ornamental grasses.

Warm season grasses are the most colorful in the winter. Long after all the other plants are sleeping the winter away, the warm season grasses are dominating the area. Their colors of tan, gold and beige stand out against the snow. Cool season grasses have their most growth through the spring, and some will remain green through the cold months. With a combination of warm and cool season grasses in your garden you can have color, texture, and life in your yard year around.

It is very hard to damage or kill ornamental grasses. They require little care. Most grasses prefer areas with full sun, while some may need partial shade. Always read any material that comes with your plant. There is not much need in fertilizing the grasses. A little will do just fine. If you fertilize these grasses too much, you may end up having to stake the taller grasses. They will grow tall and may start to lean. The best thing about having ornamental grasses on your property is that you will always have some form of plant life in your garden, and with each year they will grow more full.

We had a property back in Atlanta having these grasses. One thing you should watch out for though is the time when you need to cut off some areas to make it look fuller. But I guess you won’t even bother cleaning your junk by just looking at how these grasses serve their beautiful purpose.

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