How to Build a Simple Triangle Birdhouse

Have you ever enjoyed the cheerful singing of a bird in a nearby tree? Did you wonder how you could entice birds to come into your yard so that you could have that enjoyment more often? The answer is simple: build them a home and they will come.

It’s true. If you build a birdhouse and place it in a safe place, a bird will find it and soon make it its home. In no time at all you will have a happy little bird family living and singing nearby.

Building a birdhouse is easy and can be done with scrap lumber. And it doesn’t require a lot of carpentry skills. After all, the birds aren’t going to complain or criticize the house.

Gather your scrap pieces of lumber and some small nails, wood glue and a hammer. You will also need a drill, a quarter inch drill bit and an inch and a quarter drill bit. You will also need a quarter inch dowel rod to make a perch or perches. A tube of caulking will help seal the joints.

This design is super easy to make and won’t take long. Of course, you can design your own and make it as big or complicated as you like. It’s up to you. And you can always make it a family affair and enlist the kids to help build several birdhouses.

Perhaps the simplest birdhouse to build is a triangle shaped one. Simply cut three squares the same size. One is the bottom and the other two are the sides. Nail and glue them together to form a triangle. Now cut two triangles to make the front and back of the house. To make an easy pattern, simply place the open triangle down on a sheet of paper. Reaching through the other end, draw the outline. Cut out the outline and draw it on a scrape piece of paper. Cut two of these. The back wall should be solid. However, you will need to make a door in the front wall. Use the inch and quarter drill bit to drill the opening in the center.

Then, using the small drill bit, drill one or two small holes below the door opening. Cut one or two pieces of the dowel rod, approximately two or three inches long. Glue one end of the dowel and insert it into the small hole. Let the glue dry completely.

Now insert the back wall and nail and glue it into place. It should sit just inside the opening, providing a small overhang. The front wall should be inset approximately an inch to provide some protection from rain and snow. Nail and glue it into place.

To finish the birdhouse, use a piece of corner guard down the middle joint. Seal the joints with caulking and allow to dry. Then paint the house and hang it. Placing it on a pole is generally better than hanging it from a tree limb. The birds will have more protection from squirrels that could raid the house looking for food.

Be sure to provide birdseed and a supply of water near the birdhouse. You should do this all year long, but especially in the winter. By providing our feathered friends with a home and food, you can be guaranteed the pleasure of their beautiful singing.

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