Hi there! Welcome to my blog. This is Abby Sabb, a mother of 3 and a wife of a retired US Navy. After I gave birth to my second child 4 years ago, I have decided to make myself busy with a new hobby. I wanted to have one that can be beneficial for the family. And so I picked gardening – one that is so old but is always effective to give you peace of mind. That was actually the first impression I had with this activity, and it never fails to amaze me everytime I get to see or sometimes ‘eat’ the results.

I’d like to encourage the world to plant seeds and plat trees for the next generations. I cannot imagine how my kids would manage to live a good life if trees won’t be there anymore when they grow up or when they have their own kids to raise.

Let’s love the earth, and breathe from our garden’s roots.


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