3 Tips to Clean Your Pool The Right Way

Everybody starts to daydream about all the fun they’re going to have when it comes to backyard pools. Its easy to get lost in the idea and think about all the glamorous weekend parties, taking up swimming as an energized fitness routine or cultivating the perfect tan lounging poolside all summer long. But in these fantasies, one element of pool ownership is very frequently overlooked: the maintenance. Without regular maintenance, it takes no time for a pool to fall from grace, and you better believe that no one would want to hang out by a pool that was once the talk of the town.

Whether you’ve owned a pool for a very long time or you are going to host a pool party for the very first time, its better to contact newcastle pool service for a thorough clean up. If you want to DIY, here are some tips you should follow.

Clean out the lint pot

You should take care of this every other week or so. Turn off the pool pump in order to do this and release the pressure on the pool cleaner system. You can locate the lint pot in front of the pool pump, inside the clear glass of your pool pump. Or you could add a debris removal and a leaf trapper system. Get a 2-speed or a variable speed pump sooner than later, they are worth the investment.

Clean out the skimmer basket regularly

Skimmers are installed on the sides of a pool, and it’s primarily tasked with skimming the surface of the pool before any debris or contaminants accumulate enough to get saturated and float to the bottom of the pool. Everything enters your pool through the surface, the more effective a skimmer is, the more effectively it’ll skim off the debris and contaminants better. Open up the access panel through your deck, and keep dumping the contents of the skimmer basket as required. Make sure to keep it cleaned out all the time, any accumulation could lead to serious health issues.

Keep an eye on the pool chemistry

Perhaps one of the most important things, you should regularly check your pool chemistry once or twice a week. You should maintain the pH balanced between 7.2 – 7.8. The lower you keep your pH on the scale, the less chlorine it’s going to require in the pool. As the pH level rises, the chlorine will start to become less and less effective; hence many people just keep on adding it. Controlling the pH level is very important as at pH 7.0 chlorine is approximately 50% active and when the level goes up to pH 8.0 the activeness goes down to 10%. Also, it helps keep the rest of your pool equipment working longer.

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