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Links is the “James Beard” organization of all things proper. Bourbon, Catfish and Blues. It is the single greatest organization on the planet.

Check out my buddy Hal in New York as he chronicles the trials and tribulations of going Whole Hog for his 15th wedding aniversary.

Check out this incredible blog by Jules and Ruby. They post the BEST food and pics on the web!

Here is Rosemary’s blog about living and cooking in Burgundy. Maybe if we all ask nice enough, we can be invited over for some snails and Pinot Noir.

Can there be anything more exotic than the perfumes of India married to the ideals of The Rooter To The Tooter? Read Panu’s exploits of spice, love and proper living.

Jessica blends the trials and tribulations of BOTH writing and cuisine. If you are indeed a lover of food and writing, this is the site for you. If not, than you must indeed question your lineage.

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