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Great food writing parallels a great meal, in that we continue to feed off them long after they have been digested. From the Rooter to the Tooter, A Southern Man’s Guide To Nose to Tail Cooking is not your typical food blog. My blog embodies the spirit of the “Noble Savage”– An educated man that lives by the laws of nature and is unencumbered by the prejudices of modern life. It is a throwback to teaching our fellow men and women respect for all through the use of cooking, etiquette and philosophy. Cooking is not about toiling. Cooking is about pleasure and the recipes put forth in this tome reflect that ideal. A good lifestyle blog is comforting and a delight to read. It is not only informative to how one prepares great food but how one creates for themselves and their loved ones an enjoyable life. I am not interested in compiling a list of tasks to help Susie Homemaker get through her day with only 4 ingredients in under 8 minutes and 22 seconds. “Task” is just another polite word for “job”. This is a forum for people who take great joy in all of the pleasures of the table and the lifestyle that accompanies those joys.


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